Digital Asset Management Articles and Whitepapers

The following are some articles and whitepapers about DAM we have published in the past:

How To Buy Enterprise DAM Systems

This special report has 30,000+ words across 86 pages of actionable advice, written by a consultant with 25 years' experience in DAM for global clients.

Digital Asset Supply Chain Management For Marketers Course

An in-depth six part course that covers the basics of Digital Asset Supply Chain Management through more advanced topics

The 8 Steps to DAM Success

An introductory guide that offers managers a framework of eight key steps necessary to implement an effective Digital Asset Management initiative.

DAM Articles

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Subconscious and Conscious Data: Where AI & Machine Learning Could Create Genuine Value for DAM

An article that discusses an alternative approach to using AI for DAM using the concept of subconscious and conscious data (or metadata).  In particular, the importance of storing as much user generated behavioural data is assessed and considered a superior approach to using simple visual recognition.

What Will It Take For Artificial Intelligence to Become Useful For DAM?

This item for describes how contextual relevance is essential for AI to generate meaningful metadata for DAM systems.  The conceptual equation: metadata = context = meaning = value is proposed.

Combining AI With Digital Asset Supply Chain Management Techniques

A description of how The Digital Asset Supply Chain can generate data which can be used to drive automated AI cataloguing and provide contextual hints to streamline metadata entry.

DAM Industry Analysis

DAM Technology

Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Open Specification

Understanding DAM System APIs: A Primer For Non-Technical DAM Users

The Digital Asset Transaction Management System – A Time Machine For Digital Assets

Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: Interoperability 1.0

The DAM SaaS Survival Guide – Protecting Yourself From Risks When Using Hosted DAM Systems

Making It Big In DAM – Scaling Enterprise Digital Asset Management Implementations

Metadata & Findability

An Introduction To DAM Findability Techniques

An introductory article which describes some of the basic concepts of digital asset findability and how to apply them.  The item includes some practical examples.


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