DAM Vendor Services

Daydream are a vendor-neutral consultancy and we are not aligned with any particular firm as a reseller, channel partner, nor integrator.  We do still work with vendors, however, albeit in a tightly defined range of services, most of which are related to user adoption and educational or market positioning (especially for investors who are considering allocating  capital to DAM providers).

We also occasionally carry out specialist research with vendors and investors into either the wider DAM market or more innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Big Data and Internet of Things.  In particular, we have collaborated with vendors on non-content oriented digital asset management which is usually considered outside the scope of most current DAM use-cases.

Successful DAM vendors take a keen and proactive interest in DAM adoption.  The more widely their technology is adopted, the more likely the client is to remain a user of their product platform.  As such, vendors have a vested and mutual interest in adoption as much as their clients do.

User adoption is one of our key strengths and an area we have considerable experience with.  Ideally, planning for user adoption commences at the start of DAM initiative, well before the system is rolled out to users.

An effective user adoption strategy needs to be supported by communication programmes targeted at prominent internal users, key user groups and external partners.  There will be different levels of technical expertise and access to the DAM (based on user permissions or some other similar framework).

Setting up a culture for on-going adoption and change management, training and education requires an investment of time.  Once embedded in the organisation, however, empowering users to carry out tasks like sharing, uploading and downloading digital assets as well as adding metadata will significantly enhance adoption.

We can help vendors prepare their clients to achieve above average levels of adoption.  We have a core user adoption strategy framework which can be applied to the majority of DAM solutions available on the market.  In addition, there are opportunities for the materials to be customised to highlight any specific benefits of a particular product platform.

Daydream develop a wide range of DAM-related learning materials for end users.  These range from introductory topics explaining the basics of DAM such as the importance of metadata through to advanced subjects like the digital asset lifecycle and digital asset supply chains.

We make these available as pre-recorded training courses which can be recorded using a vendor’s own product platform and branding.  Users can take an optional assessment with accreditation from The DAM Federation.

Please note: we will use your product to deliver the training, but we will not endorse any particular system or related technology.

In addition to training, we can provide vendors with educational content relating to Digital Asset Management for use with client education programmes.  We cover a varied range of topics, including metadata models, taxonomy design, metadata best practices, user analytics, governance processes, workflow and permissions configuration, to name a few.

We specialise in material that needs to be at a more demanding level than introductory content, however, we are able to originate to any required skill level.

Please note: we will not endorse any specific DAM product.  The learning materials we provide for vendors is strictly for educational purposes and it is a condition of your usage licence that it may not be used for direct sales and marketing purposes.

We will collaborate with vendors who have a research requirement which they wanted to get our assistance with.  Usually this will encompass two routes:

  • DAM market research
  • Emerging technologies and their relationship with DAM

The first can be provided to vendors who want to know more about their positioning in the DAM market relative to other firms.  In addition, we have an active client base of venture capital and private equity firms who may potentially be interested in taking positions in DAM system providers.

In the second case, the service may be provided to either vendors or investors.  We will agree a programme of private research into a specific technology, along with a series of objectives and deliverables.