DAM Migration, Data Cleansing and Data Manipulation

Converting, cleaning and transforming data is a fact of life for Digital Asset Management.  Daydream offer a range of services to transform data so it can be processed properly by a DAM solution.  These are hands-on technical solutions which we provide to clients who either  lack the required in-house skills or where their selected vendor is unable to assist.

Typical Data Cleansing, Manipulation and Migration Issues

We have a proven migration methodology and considerable expertise in transferring data from legacy DAM solutions into a target system.  As well as the migration work itself, we can also provide a basic legacy data viewer so you can see the data in the same state it was prior to migration even though the previous DAM application  you were using may have been decommissioned.

A particular problem with migrating from one DAM system to another is the lack of support for more complex data types, especially those that represent multiple selections of controlled metadata.  To get around this, we can convert the legacy data into one or more spreadsheets where any clean-up work can be more easily carried out.  We can then convert this back into a structure that can be loaded directly into your DAM.

An unfortunate reality with many legacy DAM systems is that they have often fallen into a state of disrepair and the data contained within is no longer in a usable condition.  We can analyse legacy data that may give the impression of being beyond repair and salvage it for importing into another system (whether DAM-related or otherwise).

Sometimes metadata which will add considerable value to digital assets might be embedded within another information source.  To access this resource may be technically demanding  and involve a number of risks.  We have considerable expertise in data extraction from a diverse range of sources, including legacy databases and even unstructured narrative text.

We can analyse your source data then give you an opinion on what is required to extract it, whether it will be feasible, what risks and issues you might encounter etc.  Assuming the task has a realistic prospect of being completed successfully, we can implement extraction scripts, test them and deliver you the data in a way that can be imported into your DAM solution.

We can provide project management services to transfer one content system over to another.  Usually we are involved in project managing DAM migrations, but we do take on other content technologies also, if required. 

Our migration methodology places risk management front and centre as the key consideration.  We also establish quality management targets with you.  We give you regular status reports and liaise directly with implementation personnel, whether provided by yourselves or your vendor.