Digital Asset Library Management Services

Daydream are one of the only full-service DAM consultancies who have experience of every aspect of Digital Asset Management, from the software/technology side to DAM operations, including running digital asset libraries.  We can bring the benefit of this expertise to help you set up and run your digital asset library. 

Some of the way in which we can assist you to manage your Digital Asset Library are described below.

If you have a large batch of digital assets that are lacking any quality metadata, we can catalogue them on your behalf and import them into your current DAM system.  We can apply both literal keywords and subject specific terminology. 

We work with you and your subject experts to derive your metadata guidelines and also establish quality control criteria.  We also define governance processes for ensuring compliance and any other management controls that need to be in-place.

Many corporate DAMs have numerous assets that were catalogued without any consideration given to findability.  We can take your existing digital assets and apply literal keywords to them so that they are returned in searches where the users have not employed subject-specific terminology.  Further, we can enhance the captions used for each image and any other metadata selections (e.g. those from controlled vocabularies).

See some of our findability educational articles for more information on our approach to solving this problem.

Efficient Digital Asset Supply Chains are our key area of expertise as a consultancy.  In organisations that have larger volumes of digital assets, it is impractical to attempt to catalogue everything at an identical level of quality.  Instead, a triage-based approach should be applied where digital assets are separated into different catalogues depending on their importance to the business.

We can help clients set up this kind of supply chain, including both the technologies and management processes required to make them effective.  An efficient Digital Asset Management operational centre of excellence will enable the right assets to get released to end users more quickly and at the optimum level of quality.

Daydream have analysed the available Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and can advise you on where best to employ them for maximum effectiveness.  Although many lack the depth and sophistication required to catalogue digital assets, they do have some potential for other use cases and for scenarios where quality is less of an issue.

In addition to the standard image recognition software which the majority of DAM vendors have integrated into their applications, Daydream can also advise on using the auditing data generated by many DAM systems to glean insights about asset usage.