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The client is a collaborative venture between two prestigious museums with operational centres in two geographically dispersed locations.

Staff from each organisation are required to share and catalogue images of historical objects and other artefacts, however, due to the significant time difference, they were unable to collaborate easily or quickly during their respective working hours. The teams required a DAM solution that could be used regardless of geographic location that would enable staff to contribute, feedback and revise metadata as assets were catalogued by their counterparts.

Further, due to the cultural and historical nature of the material involved, the metadata requirements were complex, requiring a wealth of surrounding metadata regarding the archaeological, historical and past and present exhibition of those objects featured in each image, in addition to the more conventional metadata associated with the asset. All information was also required to be presented in languages with non-western character forms, notably Arabic and Chinese.


Following consultation with our professional services team, an enterprise-class DAM platform was selected and a bespoke metadata model derived that would meet the client's unique and complex archiving needs, addressing the multi-entity nature of their assets and enabling assets and/or related artefacts to be located quickly and easily via the media catalogue. As the client had previously relied on semi-structured office documents to store metadata information regarding their assets, we designed and authored a migration tool to enable this information to be extracted for automatic ingestion into the database. Full version control and workflow features have enabled the teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently, despite the challenges presented by their geographical distance.

The DAM solution we designed and helped implement reflected not only the sophisticated nature of the client's metadata, but also provided a platform for the successful collaboration of two geographically and culturally distinct organisations, working in different time zones and languages.

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