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Major US Sporting Association


The client is a major US sporting association composed of 30 participating clubs.

To regulate the introduction of new players, the association uses a draft system where clubs are permitted to make selections of newer players based on the team's performance in the preceding season. To help clubs choose which players to pick, scouts make video recordings of players in action. Previously, this video footage was issued to clubs in DVD format, a process which was both time-consuming and expensive as production was labour intensive and costs inflated due to the need to press and ship the DVDs to each of the clubs.

Further, the DVDs were subject to loss or damage due to their physical format. This approach also made it difficult for clubs to manage large collections of player footage, in particular legacy clips. To address these issues, some clubs had developed their own systems, but these were both costly and proprietary. The association needed an far more efficient and universal solution that could be employed by themselves and all the participating clubs.


Our professional service consultants advised and assisted to implement a web-based video library to store and distribute new player video footage. Following extensive consultation with the client, a range of solutions were designed and implemented, including:

  • Advanced Video Preview Controls
    Auto-generated full length video previews are generated by for each ingested video file. Advanced playback controls were also designed to provide users with specialist video features including: frame forward/backward (jog), scrubber (shuttle), slow motion playback, full-screen playback and SMPTE timecode display.
  • Multiple Format Batch Upload
    To streamline upload, administrators were provided with facilities to batch upload files in different formats. In this way, associated data (scouting reports, medical reports, health histories) could be ingested and auto-catalogued by the system with the original video file.
  • ID3 Tag Extraction For Auto-Cataloguing
    To provide 'hands-off' cataloguing feature for busy administrators, video footage was tagged on capture and this metadata auto-extracted on ingestion by the system. A complete record is therefore generated by the system, which can be simply checked and approved by administrators for publication to the video library.

The system now provides for a more cost efficient and timely operation. Video footage can now be distributed much faster to the clubs (often within hours of being shot) and the associated costs of DVD distribution have been eliminated. Further, users are able to shortlist and share player footage with other club members in real-time, enabling clubs to source and select new players with greater ease and efficiency.

The portal has been highly successful and due to the increased volume of HD (High Definition) video content being stored, it has been migrated to use Cloud hosting rather than the internal servers that were used before so that storage capacity and video transcoding performance can be scaled up more easily.

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