Digital Asset Management Education Experts

Special Report: Buying Corporate DAM Systems: A Manager's Guide To Procurement Best Practices

This report offers purchasing and procurement tips for managers involved in decisions about selecting a DAM system. Also included is an example RFP with questions that specifically relate to Digital Asset Management.

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Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Practical advice for IT professionals on issues from systems integration to the IT infrastucture requirements for Digital Asset Management.

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Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points For Marketers

Marketing managers are invited to consider 12 crucial points that will determine the success or failure of a web video archive.

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What We Do

Daydream are digital asset management education consultants, established and providing Digital Asset Management strategy, training and implementation advice since 1995.

We work with corporations in every continent on the globe in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Staff of the world's biggest public and private sector organisations routinely use technologies we have been involved with the implementation of as part of their normal working day.

Daydream's consulting practice offers a wide range of client education-oriented services that are exclusively focussed on DAM. If you are looking for pure Digital Asset Management expertise, we have it in abundance. Some of the many ways we can assist our clients with their Digital Asset Management initiatives include:

  • Digital Asset Management ROI Assessment
  • DAM Project Management Training
  • DAM Project Validation
  • DAM Systems Integration Strategy
  • Intellectual Property & DAM
  • Digital Asset Management Value Chains
  • Vendor Selection Training
  • Metadata & Taxonomy Tuition
  • Cataloguing & Asset Findability Training
  • Workflow & DAM Operations
  • DAM Hosting & Infrastructure Advice
  • Media Encoding & Ancillary Software
  • DAM & Social Media Management
  • Data Migration & Bulk Asset Ingestion Planning

The solutions we help our clients to realise are delivered as consulting, education and implementation projects using our in-house Digital Asset Management experts and network of associates.

Daydream own and operate DAM industry on-line journal, Digital Asset Management News. The title contains a substantial body of educational articles, opinion, advice and news about the DAM market - the majority of which is free to access. In addition, a number of subsidiary websites are operated under the DAM News brand, such as the Digital Asset Management Glossary and DAM Vendor directory.

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