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Special Report: Corporate Media Libraries For Marketing Managers

What should marketing managers look for in a DAM system? This reports offers professional tips for those tasked with the procurement of an enterprise DAM solution.

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Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Practical advice for IT professionals on issues from systems integration to the IT infrastucture requirements for Digital Asset Management.

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Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points For Marketers

Marketing managers are invited to consider 12 crucial points that will determine the success or failure of a web video archive.

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Four Cornerstones of Digital Asset Management

Daydream's methodology for analysing Digital Asset Management requirements

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Related Asset Management Services


The success of a Digital Asset Management system is not reliant on the features of the product alone. Most firms will face data migration or asset digitisation to ingest assets into their Digital Asset Management solution.

Often, integration with existing business systems will be required to reduce administrative workload or improve the return on investment from the related applications, whilst ongoing training initiatives equip users with the key skills needed to get the most from their digital asset management system - all of which better ensures user satisfaction and buy-in, the truest measure of success.

Our comprehensive package of asset management services can support your Digital Asset Management solution in the following ways:

Editorial & Library Management

Video Synopses

Video synopses are useful for videos which are long in duration or videos which have not been digitised. As preparation of synopses can be time consuming and management intensive if carried out in-house or using ad-hoc freelance support, Daydream provides professional synopses production services to relieve managerial pressures and ensure that the style and tone is consistent throughout.

Keywording & Cataloguing

If assets aren't catalogued and tagged correctly, they won't be found. This erodes the ROI that your investment into a Digital Asset Management system can generate. To ensure your assets are properly catalogued with relevant metadata our experienced researchers, briefed in the unique characteristics of your business, will consistently and quickly catalogue your assets. Our network of researchers, will ensure that metadata is correctly and consistently applied so your users always find what they are looking for.

Library Management

If you planned to establish an in-house library of digital assets, but the administrative work involved to launch and maintain the library has stalled, Daydream can provide outsourced media library management services to assist and we can help set up an asset library on behalf of your organisation.

Controlled Vocabulary & Taxonomy Design

The design of controlled vocabularies and taxonomies must reflect the nature of your business for meaningful results to be returned to users in searches. Too often, Digital Asset Management systems are designed with generic data hierarchies based on the media rather than the unique characteristics of organisation.

As such, searches yield fewer relevant results as users will expect assets to be related to their business, (for example; business units, departments, projects or clients). Our data specialists will work with key stakeholders to better ensure that the data hierarchies proposed reflect the nature of business, resulting in a system which is relevant to its user base and which promotes user satisfaction and buy-in.

For more information about controlled vocabulary and taxonomy design, read our article "Designing a Controlled Vocabulary for use with Brand Asset Libraries".

Data Migration

A significant issue for companies replacing a legacy digital, analogue or physical asset management system is the transfer of assets and their related metadata from the old to the new system, without losing data and/or incurring substantial re-entry costs. To ensure the smooth migration of assets, we have developed our own in-house methodology, an approach refined over many years of real-world experience working with our clients' valuable data, in which we place data safety and risk minimisation at the core.

Data Formats Supported

Daydream has extensive experience across a wide range of current and legacy databases, formats and other systems, for example:

Access DBF Portfolio
ACDSee EXIF Postgres
AMF Filemaker RSS
Aplus FoxPro Sage Line 50
AS/400 Informix SAP
ASCII Text Interbase SOAP
Baan IPTC SQL Server
Binary/packed data ISAM ThinkDigital
Canto Cumulus iView V12
Capture JD Edwards Valentina
Clipper MySQL WSDL
DataEase Oracle XMP
DB2 PhotoMechanic  

Further Information

For further information on Daydream's related asset management services, email or telephone us on: +44 (0)20 7096 1471.

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