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Special Report: Buying Corporate DAM Systems: A Manager's Guide To Procurement Best Practices

This report offers purchasing and procurement tips for managers involved in decisions about selecting a DAM system. Also included is an example RFP with questions that specifically relate to Digital Asset Management.

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Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Practical advice for IT professionals on issues from systems integration to the IT infrastucture requirements for Digital Asset Management.

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Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points For Marketers

Marketing managers are invited to consider 12 crucial points that will determine the success or failure of a web video archive.

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Daydream Publish Whitepaper on Digital Asset Management Hosting For Marketing Managers

Leading UK Digital Asset Management specialists, Daydream, have released a new whitepaper titled 'In-Source or Outsourcing Digital Asset Management Hosting: A Guide For Marketing Managers' that aims to provide marketing and brand managers with a balanced and non-technical guide to the DAM hosting option that is best for their organisation.

London (UK), 21st April 2011. Digital asset management specialists Daydream (, have published a new whitepaper intended for marketing and brand managers that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of both in-sourcing and out-sourcing hosting of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. The paper, which has been written with a non-technical audience in mind, aims to provide impartial advise on how to determine which hosting option will be best for each organisations' unique requirements.

The report draws on Daydream's considerable experience as digital asset management software implementation consultants and provides readers with a checklist of items that managers should consider when evaluating DAM hosting options. These include: The nature of assets, the impact on the business if services are unavailable, whether the majority user-base are internal staff or external suppliers, the future scalability of the hosting facilities, software licensing restrictions and budgetary considerations.

Emma Tappenden, Marketing Director at Daydream said:

"Over the 16 years that we have been involved in this industry, we have found that an area that presents real difficulties for our clients is deciding whether to run a digital asset management system in-house or on their organisation's own hosting facilities. We recognise that this often isn't a straightforward decision to make, especially if your area of expertise isn't technical. We hope, therefore, that this whitepaper will help anyone who is faced with this decision to make the best choice for their system and business circumstances."

A complimentary copy of the whitepaper can be requested from Daydream's website at: and will be of interest to managers planning a digital asset management project and also those tasked with the upkeep of an existing DAM system.


About Daydream

Established in 1995, Daydream is the leading European consultancy in Digital Asset Management and Brand Asset Management. For over 16 years, they have provided their implementation and delivery expertise to over 40 organisations worldwide including: Major League Baseball, WS Atkins, BNP Paribas, Adecco and The British Museum. For more information, visit Daydream at, contact the press team, follow Daydream on Twitter at or read our digital asset management blog at