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Special Report: Buying Corporate DAM Systems: A Manager's Guide To Procurement Best Practices

This report offers purchasing and procurement tips for managers involved in decisions about selecting a DAM system. Also included is an example RFP with questions that specifically relate to Digital Asset Management.

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Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Practical advice for IT professionals on issues from systems integration to the IT infrastucture requirements for Digital Asset Management.

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Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points For Marketers

Marketing managers are invited to consider 12 crucial points that will determine the success or failure of a web video archive.

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DAM Hosting

Digital Asset Management Hosting & Infrastructure Advisory Service Package

Deciding on the hosting provision for your Digital Asset Management system is an important decision that must be made when implementing a DAM solution. If the hosting facility fails then all productivity gains from DAM cease until the service is resumed. Anyone considering this technology needs to have a full understanding of what risks they are taking on and any methods available to mitigate them. As well as risks, opportunities to make use of innovations in the hosting market such as Cloud service providers, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and scalable media encoding must be carefully evaluated so they can be used where appropriate.

Daydream provides a number of Digital Asset Management hosting and infrastructure advisory service packages. These can be utilised either before a project commences or afterwards (as a validation exercise) if there are concerns over an existing provision.

Why Use A Consultant To Advise On Your DAM Hosting Provision?

Daydream are able to provide an independent perspective on any DAM hosting decisions you may need to make either before you commit to a service provider or to audit an existing one after your Digital Asset Management initiative is in active use. The following are some of the reasons:
  • We can independently audit your hosting provision. We check each component part of the proposed hosting facility so potential issues can be identified in advance.
  • We can weigh up the relative merits of On-Premise, Cloud, Externally Hosted, SaaS or a hybrid hosting by evaluating your business needs and rationalising them into available product or service provider choices.
  • We can assess your risk and help to devise plan to avoid or manage them. This might include developing Disaster Recover (DR) and Continuity of Business (CoB) plans so you can get up and running again quickly if something goes wrong.
  • Who is hosting your DAM? If the vendor is providing hosting, we can identify the full hosting supply chain so you can get an early warning about potential problems before they have an impact on you.
  • We can tell if you DAM hosting provision is suitable for your needs. If you are hosting bandwidth heavy assets like video and distributing them globally, we can assess Content Delivery provisions and tell you if they are inadequate or over-specified.
  • We can tell you if your DAM hosting provision will scale. If the proposed facility might be difficult to grow beyond a certain point, we can identify that and help develop plans to avoid it.
  • We have knowledge and practical understanding of DAM hosting issues like integration with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) as well as interoperability and exchanging data between your DAM solution and third party applications.
  • We prefer to advise you or your supplier, but we can get hands on if needed and have skilled systems administrators who have real experience of maintaining large scale DAM hosting facilities.
  • We are fully impartial. We have no reseller or referral relationships with hosting providers.

What Service Package Options Are Available?

Hosting advisory service packages are designed to be a series of related but independent consulting assignments. You can select the ones most suitable to your needs (and refine further as required).

DAM Hosting Specification Service Package

This is suitable for those clients that wish to either host an on-premise DAM or organise their own hosting independent of the vendor. It is most suitable for large or complex DAM requirements.

We assess the DAM software's technical specifications (operating system, database etc) as well as storage, bandwidth, media processing, security, user volumes, functional complexity and integration requirements. We can evaluate prospective suppliers for the whole hosting plan or parts thereof and work with your in-house IT department to decide which elements can be dealt with internally or those that would benefit from being outsourced.

Deliverables: report with recommendations for hosting and full details of potential suppliers.

DAM Hosting Selection Service Package

We analyse your DAM requirements and then determine whether each of the routes is feasible or not. If there are specific issues (for example security or lack of in-house resources) then we can rule hosting choices in or out so you do not need to spend as long on products that are only permitted for a given hosting route.

Deliverables: multiple consulting sessions to ascertain requirements and current preferences, report detailing the feasibility of each and recommendations (plus observations)

DAM Hosting Audit Service Package

If you have a hosting provider in mind already, we can audit them and their proposed solution to find out and potential issues that need to be addressed or followed up. This covers not only their own server hardware and data centres but also the full hosting supply chain of the suppliers they use and. The detail in the report can be scaled up or down and focussed on specific areas of concern to ensure you get the best value from any auditing activity. This service package can be provided for either an existing hosting provider or one you plan to use and we can audit SaaS vendors who resell hosting on behalf of a larger provider.

If you are required for compliance purposes to check for provider certification such as SSAE 16 (which replaced SAS 70 in 2011) with SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II and ISAE 3402 reports we can include this in the audit also. Although we can raise the request, the reports usually need to be issued to you directly and an NDA will need to be signed by a representative of your organisation before the provider may agree to provide copies of documentation (this is a stipulation a number of providers make rather than us).

Deliverables: consulting session to verify your requirements, audit report detailing findings, areas of concern and follow up actions, compliance certification requests are needed.

DAM Hosting Risk Assessment & Mitigation Service Package

A pre-requisite of this package is the audit service described previously. We use the auditing data collected when reviewing the hosting service identify a full range of risks you might be exposed to. For each risk, we develop a potential mitigation plan that will help avoid the risk entirely or minimise the impact of it should a risk event occur.

Deliverables: Comprehensive risk log (as both a document and spreadsheet which can be imported into electronic risk logging tools). Report with a list of mitigation recommendations.

DAM Hosting Suitability & Scalability Recommendation Service Package

We analyse the type of assets you need to host in your DAM (especially any orientation towards a particular media such as images, video, audio etc) and then identify potential hosting options that might be suitable for you.

As part of the scalability assessment, we also propose a plan for scaling up the provision. As well as storage, user volumes, bandwidth usage and required asset availability are all included in the scope of this package. We determine whether your needs might be best served with a SaaS provider or if a custom solution to be implemented by your in-house staff would be the best route to take. If the latter, we also consider whether existing facilities can be used or of a hybrid using commodity Cloud or third party hosting is best suited. Any scalability issue which you might encounter (and methods to avoid them) are also assessed.

Deliverables: consulting sessions to ascertain requirements and potential scalability needs. Report with detailed recommendations, reviews of potential suppliers and follow-up action points.

DAM Hosting Suitability & Scalability Review Service Package

This is intended for those who already have a hosting service and want to either find out why they are having issues with it or get someone else to validate the provision and highlight any issues. Using the same methods as the recommendation package, we review the existing provision and evaluate it as though it were being re-recommended again.

Deliverables: consulting sessions to discover more about the current provision and create a log of quality and scalability issues. Report with detailed validation of existing provision and recommendations for revisions to the existing plan.

Further Information

For further information on Daydream's Digital Asset Management Hosting Consulting services, contact our DAM Hosting Consulting Team or read our report, "Digital Asset Management Hosting: Making The Right Decision For Your Organisation".