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Digital Asset Management Hosting: Making The Right Decision For Your Organisation


When considering introducing a multi-user Digital Asset Management System, a key question is whether to host internally on your own organisation's servers or externally with either your vendor or their hosting partner.

It can often be difficult for managers to make an informed decision about which option the best choice because there are many conflicting requirements to be considered and the subject is often highly technical.

Hosting: why it is important

DAM hosting is a fundamental element of your Digital Asset Management provision but also the least understood by prospective purchasers of DAM systems. Often, organisations end up choosing one hosting option or another on a vague set of criteria that may be influenced by what their vendor or IT department has recommended for them. As we shall see, that is an unsatisfactory method to evaluate your hosting choices.

A significant volume of your company's Intellectual Property (IP) will be left in the custody of the hosting provider, whether that provision is provided in-house or outsourced. It is essential, therefore, that you understand the implications of different hosting choices and use a rational method to compare options based on a factual analysis of your circumstances.

Factors that affect your DAM hosting choices

The following factors can shape your hosting choices and determine whether one option is more suitable than another:

  • Sensitivity of assets.
  • Business impact of the unavailability of the assets.
  • Proportion of internal vs external users.
  • Typical asset sizes.
  • Availability & scalability of internal hosting facilities.
  • Vendor capabilities.
  • Ease of access.
  • Software requirements and licensing restrictions.
  • Integration with internal systems.
  • Network capacity and IT constraints.
  • IT policy and security considerations.
  • Cost & budget.

After you have considered the above list you should have a good idea about whether in-house or external hosting is most suitable for your organisation.

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