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Special Report: Buying Corporate DAM Systems: A Manager's Guide To Procurement Best Practices

This report offers purchasing and procurement tips for managers involved in decisions about selecting a DAM system. Also included is an example RFP with questions that specifically relate to Digital Asset Management.

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Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Practical advice for IT professionals on issues from systems integration to the IT infrastucture requirements for Digital Asset Management.

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Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points For Marketers

Marketing managers are invited to consider 12 crucial points that will determine the success or failure of a web video archive.

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Professional Services


Daydream's Digital Asset Management Implementation Service Offerings

Daydream are Digital Asset Management Implementation Consultants. We provide the expertise and know-how to transform ideas for improved management of an organisation's digital assets into tangible deliverables.

Decades Of Expertise

We have decades of expertise with enterprise Digital Asset Management solutions and are exclusively focussed on this branch of technology. We do not dilute our offer with other classes of enterprise software.

Real World DAM Expertise

Daydream have a considerable level of implementation expertise that enables us to collaborate with both vendors and in-house technical teams at a deeper level than would be typical for many consultancies. We work with a variety of service providers, some who are already involved in an implementation, others who we have sourced on behalf of our clients via evaluation assignments.

Having direct experience of many of the issues that vendors will need to address gives us a unique insight which we can use to enable both client and supplier to work collaboratively in a more productive manner that avoids the adversarial nature of many software implementation projects.

Our Clients: Major Global Organisations

Our client list includes major global organisations who we have worked with over many years. We understand every element of the DAM implementation process from your first realisation that DAM is required through to delivery, integration, hosting, support, training and on-going review as well as all the associated activities such as metadata and media processing. In addition to delivery, we have a keen awareness of DAM industry trends and the direction this market is heading.

How We Can Help You With Your Digital Asset Management Needs

We sub-divide DAM requirements into three distinct management stages: Analysis, Implementation, Review & Refinement. Below are some of the ways we can assist you:


Pre-Implementation Analysis


Post-Implementation Review & Maintenance


Pre-Implementation Analysis

Digital Asset Management ROI Assessment

The most important task before commencing a DAM initiative is to decide whether it will produce a positive ROI for your organisation, what criteria you will use to assess whether or not it has been successful if you do and how to prioritise future upgrades and modifications. While it might appear that DAM is guaranteed to generate a positive ROI, it is not certain by any means - especially if the objectives are not clearly defined and assessed before and after delivery. Daydream can help you by providing a structured and methodical approach to ROI assessments that focus on the likely productivity benefits and the features of a solution that will yield the most benefit. We use an outcomes oriented approach to ROI assessment rather than numerical models as these are usually more accurate and easier for businesses to evaluate.

Preparing For DAM

Digital Asset Management implementation requires a considerable amount of planning well before any work starts on deciding which platform or solution to use. Potential assets need to be discovered, audited and planning exercises conducted before and during the systems development and configuration stages. If this task is not carried out, potential ROI can be lost due to delays between system implementation and the point at which end users can start using a solution for actual work. We can help by devising some straightforward plans to identify and audit assets as well as liaison between the holders of assets and vendors (or other implementation personnel) so the candidate assets can be ingested swiftly as soon as the solution is in a stable condition

DAM Risk Assessment & Management

Digital Asset Management programmes have both upside and dowside risks that can impact the organisation positively and negatively. Risk management informs our recommendations to clients across all the aspects of our DAM consulting services and we believe it it essential to correctly identify potential risks and produce plans to identify how to handle them.




DAM Project Management

DAM projects can be complex undertakings, even for those with some prior experience. To ensure they meet the business objectives defined for them we use a combination of PRINCE-2 project management principles, Agile techniques and our own in-house methods refined over numerous client engagements. We can provide consultants who have the know-how needed to ensure your DAM initiative runs on time and within budget.

DAM Vendor Selection & RFP Management

Choosing vendors to provide the core product platform you will use for your Digital Asset Management strategy is a complex undertaking. The DAM market is serviced by literally hundreds of providers, each servicing a slightly different niche and product specialism. Using our superior knowledge of the market place, we are able to sift through the potential candidates and help you to find the most suitable candidates. We offer an RFP authoring service where we work with you to define your strategic Digital Asset Management objectives and then develop purchasing documentation which can be distributed to prospective vendors. For more information, consult our whitepaper: Buying Corporate DAM Systems: A Manager's Guide To Procurement Best Practices

Read more about our vendor selection service package.

DAM Systems Integration

Digital Asset Management is an integrating technology where software solutions are used to coordinate and orchestrate both media and technology. Daydream have a vast range of experience in systems integration and now to get DAM solutions to work with other system. We understand systems integration from higher level management objectives defined during the business case assessment right down to in-depth protocol analysis. This means we can identify if the selection of a given technique for integration will cause issues for other aspects of the system and also reality check assumption you or your suppliers have made about whether the proposed integration will be practical and achievable.

Metadata & Taxonomy

Metadata is one of the four cornerstones of Digital Asset Management, many would contend it is the most important of those. We have a wide range of experience at metadata analysis and deriving metadata schemas and taxonomies that are suitable to not only catalogue assets successfully but also in a way that does not introduce an excessive staff overhead when it comes to metadata entry. In addition to conventional corporate requirements, we have a wide range of experience across a number of different sectors where DAM might be deployed, including more complex preservation and cultural or heritage use cases.

Findability and Search User Interfaces

The corollary of metadata and taxonomy is asset search and findability. This is where the success of a given metadata strategy is put to the test. While asset suppliers will want to get through cataloguing tasks quickly, end users must be able to find assets or the exercise will be fruitless. We can help evaluate either existing or proposed search interfaces and isolate any potential issues before implementation commences. During the course of our professional practice, we have both implemented search tools ourselves and critically examined existing facilities to identify what can be optimised in an efficient manner that enhances the ROI of the chosen DAM solution.

Workflow & DAM Operations

Workflow is another cornerstone of DAM and the operational mechanism that coordinates assets between users and processes. Design of efficient workflows for digital assets requires a careful balance between sophistication and complexity. Digital Asset Management operations need to be versatile enough to cope with a variety of different approval and authorisation processes - whether assets are being ingested or served out to end users. If the workflows are too complicated, end users will abandon them. If they are over-simplistic they will be unfit for real world use and end users will find themselves 'filling in' by manual methods like emails or phone calls. Daydream can use our accumulated experience in workflow design and DAM operations to help indentify the most efficient methods to arrange your workflows so they manage risks but without becoming a burden for your staff.

DAM Hosting & Infrastructure

Digital asset hosting is becoming an increasingly specialist technical area. While the range of hosting options are increasing with Cloud hosting solutions and aggregated storage services, the size of many individual media assets such as HD video is also multiplying. Daydream can help IT managers and end users locate a suitable combination of strategies to solve their large scale hosting and rich media delivery infrastructure challenges. We have experience of advising on asset libraries that range from a few gigabytes through to hundreds of terabytes and can risk-assess potential SaaS providers. In addition to storage, we can advise on media streaming and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and where these are best employed.

Read more about our Digital Asset Management Hosting & Infrastructure Advisory Service Package

Data Migration & Bulk Asset Ingestion

A key task that is frequently overlooked with DAM implementations is how to transfer assets into a system. This might involve data migration from an incumbent legacy product which is to be replaced, or it could be a new library that is being established for the first time. Daydream can advise on a variety of ingestion and migration subjects, from embedded metadata standards such as IPTC, XMP, or EXIF through to demanding technical subjects such as legacy data mapping, migration testing and detailed migration planning.

Digital Asset Management Training & Change Management

Digital Asset Management initiatives require a combination of training programmes, internal communications and change impact analysis. Although this is predominantly post-implementation in terms of delivery to end users, the planning of this and consideration must commence at the start of a DAM programme. We offer a range of services to assist from training design through to development of internal communications programmes. We work with clients to analyse how the introduction of DAM might affect staff and related stakeholders such as customers or suppliers. As well as close liaison with software developers to deliver systems training, we also provide a range of educational and learning materials about subjects such as metadata and findability.


Post-Implementation Review & Refinement


Media Library Management

Digital Asset Management has a wider scope than just software solutions alone. Our Media Library Management services can help you to establish a media repository for your organisation. We can either provide the Media Library service for you, including keywording, cataloguing, uploading and batch media conversion, or we can recruit, train staff and advise on best practices to enable you to maintain a library in-house. We also provide project management for more significant collection management requirements.
Read more about our Media Library management services

DAM Project Validation

If you have already implemented a DAM solution within your organisation and now need it to be validated and independently assessed, Daydream can help. We have years of practical experience both delivering and reviewing DAM systems. If there are potential issues with your current solution, you can be assured that we will find them and be able to give you an honest, impartial assessment of their impact and what options you have to resolve them.

DAM Auditing & Solution Review

Once a Digital Asset Management solution is in-place, it offers an ideal opportunity to collect data in real-time directly as end users are carrying out tasks all of which can be audited and tested in a scientific and accurate manner. Using a range of analysis techniques, it is possible to dervie insight and knowledge about how to refine and optimise the solution, the cataloguing techniques used, deliver training programmes and internal communications. Auditing can also reveal other potentially useful information such as what assets users are searching for and whether they are finding any that meet their needs.

Further Information

For further information on Daydream's professional services for Digital Asset Management, email or telephone us on: +44 (0)20 7096 1471.